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About Us


Sub-Zero Boots Ltd was founded by Bob McConnell and Mike Fox-Russell who are outdoor pursuit enthusiasts. During a day shooting on a freezing cold and wet morning 15 years ago, they were frustrated with the cold, wet conditions and were unaided by their expensive yet ineffective clothing. Bob & Mike realised that they were not alone in their frustrations and there was an opportunity here to find good practical footwear for outdoor activities in extreme conditions. After much research, they sourced a boot brand from Canada called Baffin that met their requirements perfectly.

This particular product 'Trapper', is a boot that not only offered comfort style and warmth but is Canada Comfort Rated to minus 60C, and there the Sub-Zero Boots story begins....

While looking for other quality equipment the search remained in Canada where the Authentic Parka Manufacturer Canada Goose agreed to supply Sub-Zero Boots with a small selection of its collection which have been made for over 50 years! and is world renown.

Another requirement for extreme weather conditions was a thermal, sock, and base layer brand called Woolpower which is produced in Northern Sweden to exacting standards, and made from a mixture of materials (predominately the best quality merino wool), and made for the extreme Swedish home climate where clothing has to be totally reliable and cannot afford to fail!

In recent years, Sub-Zero Boots has expanded it’s range and brand portfolio, and to reflect this now trades as the online business

The company has recently been approached by two other leading European brands to be an authorised retailer of Pinewood and Valandre.

Pinewood Clothing is a Scandinavian Hunting and Outdoor clothing brand that has an extensive all weather … all season range of high quality, yet very affordable garments and accessories.

The latest addition to our portfolio is the French company called Valandre which manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality, technically advanced quality down filled products ranging from extreme weather expedition rated sleeping systems to all season sleeping bags to down filled jackets to suit a broad range of customer uses and needs.

Sub-Zero Boots Ltd (and now Sub-Zero Clothes), over the years have endeavoured to supply customer’s with product and service that is second to non, and actually does what it purports to do. This is supported by government agencies such as the British Antarctic Survey, the film industry, and Military units that continue to purchase from us!.

We are passionate about our business as we enthusiasts of outdoor pursuits ourselves and through experience, we know what a product must do to meet our needs and hence, yours!.